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Joe and Scott Shade

Joe Oestreich and I encourage community-based and online reading groups to adopt Lines of Scrimmage. We feel strongly the book is an excellent choice for such groups because the issues it addresses can lead to meaningful dialogue and debate. Either or both of us will be happy to appear at your reading group in person (or by Skype, telephone, etc.) if our schedules allow. Please visit the Contact page on this site to find contact information for me and/or Joe if you would like to invite either or both of us to a reading group meeting.

To facilitate conversations about Lines of Scrimmage, we have written a Reading and Discussion Guide that includes questions and discussion prompts for every chapter in the book. Please feel free to download the PDF and use it in your group at no charge. We ask only that you let us know that you are using the book so that we can list your group on this page.

If you have suggestions for the guide (including additional questions or revisions to existing questions), please feel free to send an e-mail to me or Joe. We plan to incorporate (and give credit for) suggestions that we feel will improve the guide, so please give your name in your e-mail so that you receive proper credit if we do use one of your suggestions.

Click on the link below to download the guide:

Reading and Discussion Guide

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